7th International Rice Blast Conference

New insights into the rice—Magnaporthe oryzae interactions for better management of rice blast
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5th International Conference on Bacterial Blight of Rice

Rice bacterial blight: New innovations for the Second Green Revolution
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The upcoming 7th International Rice Blast Conference (IRBC07) and 5th International Conference on Bacterial Blight of Rice (ICBB05) provide an excellent opportunity to share recent technological advances in disease management strategies for rice blast and bacterial blight. These also provide a venue to strengthen and build new relationships within the rice research community, as well as a huge opportunity to promote your organization/company through distinct sponsorship levels.
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irbc-logo-250Rice blast disease remains the most destructive disease of cultivated rice worldwide. Considering that rice is the staple food for more than half of the human population, the disease is a significant threat to food security for many nations. It is therefore imperative to devise novel and stable control strategies for the disease, which requires understanding of the pathogen, rice blast fungus, and its interaction with rice or other host plants.

The International Rice Blast Conference (IRBC) has been the forum to foster collaboration in rice blast research among scientists around the world. Not surprisingly, much progress has been made on research of the biology, genomics, host-pathogen interactions, resistance, and disease management of rice blast since the last IRBC in Jeju, South Korea, in 2013. To share recent advancements in the scientific research and to broaden our understanding of the disease, we host the IRBC07 in Manila, Philippines.

Thank you and see you in October 2016!

Bacterial blight (BB) of rice caused by Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae (Xoo) is considered the most important bacterial disease of rice due to its high epidemic potential, especially in extreme climate variation, and its destructiveness to high-yielding but susceptible cultivars. Despite attempts to control the disease by incorporating genetic resistance into high-yielding cultivars, the disease remains a major constraint to rice production in favorable and unfavorable rice environments throughout Asia. Its occurrence in the 1970s in Africa has added a new dimension to concerns about its dissemination.

The International Conference on Bacterial Blight of Rice (ICBB) is held every three years–previously in Tsukuba (2004), Nanjing (2007), Seoul (2010), and Hyderabad (2013). Significant gains have been made in understanding BB through analysis of the interactions between Xoo and rice at many levels, including studies focused on the epidemiology, population biology, physiology, cell biology, biochemistry, molecular genetics, and effectors involved in the rice-Xoo interaction. With recent advances in new tools and sequencing resources in rice and Xoo, tremendous knowledge has been generated in a shorter time frame. Thus, moving forward since the 4th ICBB, these advances and new innovations will be highlighted in the ICBB05 as we look into future strategies to manage this important disease.

Thank you and see you in October 2016!

Director General’s Message

The International Rice Research Institute is delighted to host two important conferences this year. The 7th International Rice Blast Conference (IRBC07) and the 5th International Conference on Bacterial Blight (ICBB05) of Rice will be held on 9-13 and 17-19 October 2016, respectively, at The Bellevue Manila and the IRRI headquarters in the Philippines.

The theme of the IRBC07 is New insights into the rice-Magnaporthe oryzae interactions for better management of rice blast, which will cover recent advances in pathogen biology, genomics, host-pathogen interactions, resistance breeding, disease management, and more. On the other hand, this year’s ICBB will have the theme Rice bacterial blight: new innovations for the second Green Revolution. ICBB05 will focus on the epidemiology, population biology, genetics and molecular biology of host resistance, disease management and breeding, molecular plant-microbe interactions, multi-omic analysis of rice and Xoo, and gene/genome editing.

The scientific plenary and poster sessions will highlight the advances and innovations in research on the interaction of blast and bacterial blight diseases and their host, rice. Active interdisciplinary discussions with fellow scientists will broaden their understanding of and provide new insights to controlling these important rice diseases to improve global rice production. Apart from the scientific program, participants will have the opportunity to visit experimental plots of several successful research projects at IRRI; the International Rice Genebank, which holds the largest collection of rice genetic diversity in the world; and the newly built, state-of-the-art Lloyd T. Evans Plant Growth Facility.

The hosting of these events by IRRI is part of its mission to improve global food security through rice science. On behalf of the IRRI community, I invite you to join these two important events and welcome you to the experience of rice science at IRRI.

I look forward to your participation and contribution to these conferences.

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Online Registration

We are pleased to announce that online registration is now open for the 7th International Rice Blast Conference (IRBC07) and the 5th International Conference on Bacterial Blight of Rice (ICBB05). These conferences, which address two of the most important diseases of... read more

Venue and accommodations

Conference participants are encouraged to stay at The Bellevue Manila, where the conference will be held. For accommodations, the Deluxe Rooms at the Main and Tower wings of the hotel will be made available for the participants.

Hotel Reservations

For reservations, email the secretariat at irbc07@irri.org or icbb05@irri.org and do not forget to copy Ms. Jershey Mojica (cc: jmojica@thebellevue.com).

The Bellevue Manila

The Bellevue Hotels & Resorts
North Bridgeway, Filinvest City
Alabang, Muntinlupa City, Philippines 1781

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